Words cannot express how grateful we are for the extraordinary gift Pacific Hair has given my mom. After a very emotional summer with my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer, all the doctor appointments, and starting her chemotherapy treatment she was feeling lost and confused. Everything has been happening too fast for my mom to even comprehend. Just after my moms second chemotherapy treatment she noticed the hair loss had began. She decided to get ahead of it and cut all her hair. Honestly I think she was devastated when she pulled out chucks of hair, it was easier for her to process to cut it off.

~Kassandra Allam October 21 at 9:15pm

I have been visiting Pacific Hair since December 2015. When I came in, I was unsure what to expect. I just knew that my hair was getting a lot thinner all the time due to PCOS, and I wanted a solution that I didn't have to worry about every day. I was so sick of backcombing and adding product to my hair, and having it still not look as luscious and full as everyone else around me.

~Kylie M June 21 at 2:16pm

I previously had long dark hair and had subsequently got a short haircut. Almost immediately after, I really missed my long hair and a Google search said it would take 2+ years to grow it back to that length! But Ivy - my hairdresser at Pacific Hair Extensions - worked miracles. She gave me two wefts of clip-in hair extensions and they looked 100% natural, and even better than my hair used to look!! (Longer and thicker and they held style and curls really nicely.)

~Dr. Brit Cooper-Jones April 5, 2017 at 1:58pm

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About Pacific Hair Loss Solutions

Pacific Hair Loss Solutions is a hair loss company, but the name stands for so much more. It is not only about covering the affected balding area with "some" product. It stands for how we want hair replacement to be. It is a holistic way of creating the best product and the best experience possible, to help you achieve a full head of hair.

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