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Do you have:

1. Fine hair

2. Chemically damaged hair

3. Hereditary thin hair

4. Hair that doesn't grow past a certain length

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are eligible for hair extensions!

What types of hair extensions does Pacific Hair Offer?
All Free-Flow hair extensions used at Pacific Hair Extensions are adhesive-free and safe for your hair, including clip-in extensions. Using the best Remy human hair with a special keratin coating, Free-Flow hair extensions are also guaranteed to be tangle-free for the lifetime of wear. Generally we choose from Brazilian, Peruvian, European and Malaysian hair when deciding which grade is best for you.

With the overwhelming number of hair extensions on the market, deciding which ones are right for you can be a very difficult task. From micro-beads to weaves, Great Lengths and tape-in extensions, it is important to have a qualified professional help you determine which method is suitable for your everyday lifestyle and flair. In order to help you come to the right hair extension solution, our team has put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. Here are the secrets celebrities have been keeping from you for years...

How does Pacific install their extensions?
Pacific Hair Extensions' method is called 'Free Flow Hair Extensions'. This is a 'track' based human hair extension that relies on close to 100% even weight distribution to ensure the best coverage and grow-out process from alopecia, trichotillotomania, chemotherapy, chemical/unfortunate cuts and other hair loss. Free Flow Hair Extensions can be installed as a temporary or semi-permanent option, and have been proven to provide you with a substantial amount of volume and length without the bulkiness and damage to your existing hair. At your first appointment a trained stylist will conduct the installation as well as a detailed cut to the extensions to blend in with your own hair.

How much do extensions cost?
You are unique, so your extension package should be as well! Every package varies in price depending on your current hair length, colour, and volume as well as the length, colour, and volume you are looking to achieve. We offer free consultations at the salon so we may assess what will be the right package for you. We also offer complimentary check-ups so that we can ensure that you are enjoying the maximum potential of you hair extensions. Packages include colour and texture matched extensions, an install, blending cut and complimentary product samples.

Will extensions damage my hair/Is my hair too fine for extensions?
Most of our clients have come to us after having finished chemotherapy or discovering they have alopecia, trichotillomania, female/male pattern baldness and/or psoriasis related hair loss. Thus, it is extremely important that we provide a technique that doesn't involve any bonds, glues or adhesives or any agents that may further damage already fine/weak hair. This method allows for people to keep their hair extensions and/or hair restoration in for years at a time without worry that their own hair will deteriorate. In fact, in most cases, clients will tell us that their hairdressers have never seen their hair in a better state!

How long does my hair have to be to get extensions?
At Pacific Hair, we can install hair extensions with or without a 'top of the head' hair piece system. To do an extension installation without a hair piece, we suggest your hair fall just below the earlobe. If your hair is shorter, for example following chemotherapy, we would suggest one of our beautiful Remy human hair systems in addition to our extensions.

How many tracks will I need?
The amount of tracks varies for everyone, but typically the average falls in between 2-3 rows. Three rows is generally ideal for those whose hair is chin length or those who wish to add a lot of extensions without damaging their own. Having two or three rows is enough to give the desired volume and length with the extensions.

I need coverage at the top of my head, what can be done about that?
This is what we call non surgical hair replacement with a hair piece system. We will assess the area that needs coverage and prepare a hair piece that is large enough to cover the area of reduced density. These hair pieces can also be installed semi-permanently, so that you may sleep, shower and be active in them without fear it will fall off or get damaged. They are undetectable and have natural parting that is free to be changed to any style.

What kind of hair does the salon use/how long does it last?
At Pacific, we only use Remy Hair. This means that when we receive the hair extensions, all of the cuticles run in one direction and it hasn't been colored or coated with silicon. If need be, we will do a one-step color process, which does not cause any damage to the hair. On average, our clients keep their extensions for a year and a half to two years before replacing them completely. That being said, around the 6-8 month mark is generally a good time to add hair to restore volume that you may have lost. Remy hair is available in curly, wavy and straight densities.

How often do I have to come in for maintenance?
Average maintenance is every 7-8 weeks, with appointments ranging from one to two hours.

Can I still colour my hair with the extensions in?
Absolutely! Many people still need to get their roots retouched and will time their maintenance appointments with their colourists so everything can be done at once. The hair is human hair, so even if colour were to touch the extensions or attachment no damage will occur.

What kind of products can I use on my extensions?
Essentially you can use any products on your hair extensions as they are Remy human hair. There are products we strongly recommend that will improve the life of your extensions. It is very important to use products that don't have any sulfates or parabens in them, as those chemicals dry out your hair in the long term. Since your hair extensions aren't receiving natural oils from your scalp it's very important that you use products that nourish your hair. We provide free samples at your first installation so that you may compare them with what you currently use.

What colors/lengths are available?
Remy hair naturally comes in black to light brown. Blonde virgin Remy hair is extremely rare to obtain and often has wait lists for two years. If need be, we can color the hair in a one step process to obtain a blonde without damage to the hair. Lengths of Remy hair range from 14'' - 32''.

Does an install hurt?
Some people may experience a bit of discomfort that generally lasts a maximum of 2-3 days. Similar to after-effects of other aesthetic services (i.e Brazilian waxes or eyebrow threading), discomfort varies from person to person.
Most of our clients remark that after a few days the extensions feel just like their own hair!

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